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Cell Phone Call Eavesdropping – How It Works

cell phone eavesdropping

With all the recent posts we’ve put out about mobile phone tracking, I thought it was time to touch on the subject of cell phone call eavesdropping.  This is a recent addition to the feature list of the mobile monitoring software we use, and it’s a big one!

Cell phone call eavesdropping allows you to listen in to someone’s phone calls.  You’ll hear all their calls and both people that are talking.

It’s obviously one of the most powerful surveillance features on software and one that has been getting a lot of attention.


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How Cell Phone Eavesdropping Works

So obviously the software is the key to being able to listen in to someone’s phone calls.  After it’s installed on the phone you want to monitor (this is an easy step – takes a couple minutes) you are all set.

The software relays all the information from the phone to a website where you can login and not only listen to their calls, but also see their texts, got through their contact list, look at pictures taken on the phone etc.


And the cell phone call eavesdropping feature is definitely the newest and most advanced feature.  In the past any monitoring program that offered any sort of call tapping was VERY expensive.  Now that SpyBubble offers call listening there’s finally a well-priced option.


Think of just how powerful cell phone eavesdropping can be!  If you need to know who someone is communicating with and what is being said, this gives you that power.


And although I haven’t mentioned it yet, obviously the software is programmed so that it can’t be detected on the phone that it’s installed on.  That way the person you need to keep an eye on won’t know you can see what they’re doing on the phone.

Cell phone call eavesdropping can be the perfect solution when you need to find out what’s going on in someone’s life!

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